I suppose like anyone I was a little apprehensive joining this club. I needn't have worried, it was so welcoming and suddenly I had a new circle of friends and different things to do. Joining the club broke the circle of work, home, TV then work again. I now have a great choice of different things to do and people to meet up with. It has transformed my life. Ian D from Chislehurst.

I have been in the club for a year now and have met some very friendly people and my social calendar is always now full. I have not looked back at all. Andy D from Gravesend.

I joined the 40-2-60 club at the beginning of August 2012 and it has already had a wonderfully positive impact on my life. The initial meeting is well organised and carried out in a way that makes the whole process of meeting new people as easy as possible, the events have been great fun and everyone that I've met so far has been friendly and welcoming. Sweeney from Dartford

40-2-60 saved my life - not literally of course, but since joining the club 2 years ago I have enjoyed meeting new friends, taking part in varied activities and generally have a great time. Don't think about joining - just do it. You won’t look back. Linda from Orpington

Joining the club did change my life for the better and will do the same for you too. I've made friends, and tried a variety of different things, camping, partying, karaoke, darts, bowling, meals out, picnics, shows, walks, and if you suggest something different we'll try that too. Or you can just go to the pub and chat any Saturday night. Josie from Belvedere

The club is unique; the members are very friendly nice people. I had a break from the club for various reasons and on returning it felt as if I had never been away. Everyone was so pleased to see me return. I do so many things that I would not ordinarily do. Every event is so well organised for you to book and just attend and enjoy, which is brilliant if you have a very hectic life and no time to organise your social life. I look forward to going to a 40-2-60 event as we have so much fun! Val from Charlton

Joining 40-2-60 gave me a social life and friends I would never have had. Michael from Charlton

When my partner died suddenly, at the age of 46 I found myself alone – I no longer belonged with the other couples we had spent our time with. For 18 months I sat at home alone. Then I found 40-2-60, full of people of my age group also single – I had thought I was the only one.

My social life is now better than ever with many great new friends and varied activities. Who would have thought I could climb to the treetops with Go Ape, fire a shotgun at clay pigeons, play in a darts league (some think I still can’t!), walk the streets of London looking for ghosts or Jack the Ripper and have Cocktails at the Oxo Tower, all things I would never have done without 40-2-60, where everything is planned and booked for you, just meet up and enjoy. Julie from Bromley

Although we went out, during 30 years of marriage I never had the social life I have now. I have been a member of 40-2-60 for nearly five years and done so many things I would never have done. I would never have dreamt of Snow Tubing, Quasar or Camping until I joined this club. Now, my married friends envy my hectic social life. Carolyn from Bexley

The club is brilliant. I’ve really enjoyed county walks, weekends away, day trips to Europe, the coast, the zoo, birds of prey centre, pub evenings, discos, parties, ice skating, aerial assault courses, meals out, picnics, quizzes, competitions and more. I even enjoyed trying to play darts. What makes these events such fun is the company, all the lovely people in the 40-2-60 club. At a club party, two and a half years ago, I met the man of my dreams and he makes me very happy. I am grateful to the club for making this possible and wholeheartedly recommend the club, especially the parties. Liz from Eltham

40-2-60 has given me a social life again and new friends. I am no longer stuck indoors feeling all alone and bored. It was hard to start with but everyone is really friendly. Best thing I did was to pluck up courage and join.
Catrina from Orpington