How long has 40-2-60 been going?

We are now in our 12th year.

Do I have to leave when I reach 60?

No you do not. Why should you lose out because you’ve had a birthday! You do have to be under 60 to join though.

Will I be able to contact the committee and organiser?

Yes, you will be given a list of all our relevant telephone numbers.

Do I have to leave if I find a partner?

No you do not. We have many members who have found partners and quite a few marriages under our belt, but we stress again, we are not a dating agency. Some couples leave and some stay because they still enjoy the club and the friendship it brings. You cannot join us if you are already with a partner though.

What if I’m nervous about coming?

On your first event, if you are nervous, arrangements will be made for you to be met outside, so that you do not have to walk in on your own. A committee member will ensure you are introduced to everyone and made to feel welcome.

Does the organiser attend the events?

Everything is organised for you and the organiser attends a percentage of club events to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is looked after. If she is not attending, a committee member will look after you.

How many members have you got?

It varies, but 140 generally. We restrict our numbers to this figure as we feel the club would lose its ‘family’ atmosphere if it became too large.

What’s the ratio of men to ladies?

As with a lot clubs of this nature, the ladies outnumber the guys by about two to one.

Where do most members live?

Right across South East London and North Kent. In fact you will receive a list of the membership when you join with Christian names and areas they live in (not addresses).

Is there any premium to pay on events?

None whatsoever, you only pay your 6-monthly subscription. In fact, being a club member may entitle you to a reduced price at some events.

How does this forum work?

Once you have joined you must send an e-mail, requesting a password. You will be sent a username and password by return. Simply log on and away you go!

Why do people leave?

A variety of reasons. Some move out of our area. Peoples’ circumstances can change and maybe they find they can no longer afford to go out socialising. Some feel the club has given them such confidence they can now “go it alone”. Others meet partners (although we are not a dating agency). Also a very few find it is just not for them, maybe through nervousness or who knows?…You can never please all of the people all of the time…BUT WE TRY!