About Us


We are ordinary people who have known the traumas of separation, divorce and bereavement.

We know how lonely life can be, how depressing it is when all your friends seem to be in relationships, when, everywhere you go, people are together. We have all wondered if the other half of our adult life is to be spent alone.

When we think we must do something about it, we look at the options:

  • An ad. in the paper --- Can be quite scary.
  • A singles bar --- Some have never walked into a bar alone in their lives!
  • A dating agency --- Not for everyone.

Maybe, like most of our members, you are not looking for a new partner. You simply want a new circle of friends in a similar situation to yourself. If this is the case then none of the above would be of any use.

Whichever choice you make, you feel can’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t understand and maybe think you are a bit ‘sad’. You think you are the only person who feels like this.

We know you are not. In our experience, a growing number of people within our age range find themselves on their own for one reason or another. You have only got to search the Internet to discover just how many sites there are like ours. Soon you realise there are thousands of people “in the same boat”.


What we endeavour to do is give you the opportunity to re-start your life with a friendly, welcoming group of people who just want to have fun.

We want people to feel comfortable and safe. No longer the ‘odd one out’ but part of a group of like-minded people who have all ‘been there’.

Most importantly, we hope to encourage you away from the cat, meet people, kick-start your life and find happiness.


It is quite often the case, after a divorce settlement, you find yourself having to move house. You can have lost your partner and your friends and feel totally alone. Many find they have still got friends but, most of the time, they are with partners. Quite often children have grown up and moved on. Is it not time to move on with your life?


New friends of both sexes, a pleasant social life and a “reason for being” are what we offer. You may take comfort in the knowledge that the vast majority of people in 40-2-60 have experienced traumatic situations, some probably equal to yours. They are living proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although, when we get together, our main objective is to have fun, we are always ready to listen if you are feeling low. No one will judge you because we know how you’re feeling.

Our club generates a warm and friendly atmosphere ideal for meeting people, and this is a perfect way to re-start your social life.

We run a monthly programme of events. Some of our activities are very popular and appear every month. Among these are ten pin bowling, pub quiz and a disco, We always have at least one Sunday event each month. Quite often this is a lunch in a country pub where a walk maybe organised for the more energetic. Others prefer to just take in the lunch. There is always one evening restaurant meal. Because our members are drawn from the South East London and North Kent areas, the venues are changed to accommodate everyone. We also have parties and BBQs from time to time. We try to fit in different events as and when we can.
Click here to see an an example of a typical month's event schedule.

Those who want to, also meet on Saturday nights, at our “home pub” between Sidcup and Chislehurst. We are always open to suggestions for events and everyone gets a say in what we do although you NEVER have to organise a thing. You simply suggest it, it’s organised for you and then turn up and enjoy it. Lifts can sometimes be arranged and car sharing is encouraged.

We also occasionally have day trips to the coast and Europe. We organise a long weekend away each year, also a camping weekend and a summer holiday. Our activities also include 5 a side football, Seyway riding, Golf Driving Range, Go Ape to name but a few..........


You may receive your monthly events programme by email or post, whichever suits you. When you receive your programme, you will also receive a booking slip. Simply indicate the events you wish to attend and email or post it back. Once received, you will be booked in for the month. It really is as simple as that! If you are attending an event which needs to be paid for you can either send a cheque or transfer the money on-line.


We have a 5 person elected committee which is re-elected every 12 months. We meet once a month to discuss any issues regarding the club. Future events are planned and ideas put forward. As a result of the committee meeting a newsletter is generated. This keeps everyone fully informed as to what’s going on. The newsletter accompanies your events programme and also contains information about things which need to be booked a long time in advance; things like weekends away etc.


As time goes by (and it won’t take long) you will soon discover how much fun life can be again. You will make many new friends and will be making your own arrangements, as so many existing members do. As members find new interests they ask me to include them on the events programme so that other people can join them. You will notice on this part of the programme each event carries the member’s name and telephone number. It is they you have to contact to participate. At the moment we have someone hosting ceroc classes every Monday and Thursday, entertainment nights, cinema trips, meditation and a book club. You will also notice the occasional additional pub night, a Full English Breakfast one Saturday a month and, maybe an “open house”. An open house is not to be confused with a party. It’s a quieter affair, maybe 8 to 12 people chatting over a glass of wine or playing games. You may even spot a ladies’ pamper evening. Remember, no-one has to host these events, it’s up to the individual. As I am sure you have realised by now, you could be out enjoying yourself with 40-2-60 virtually every evening and weekend if you wanted to.


We do appreciate how nerve racking the thought of joining us can be. It is possibly the first time you have ever done anything like this. You may have been without a social life for a very long time. We do understand. To that end, if you choose, the organiser will visit you and explain everything in detail, show you a couple of month’s programmes and answer any questions you may have so that you can decide if you feel it is for you before you pay any money.

We also have a “new members’ coffee morning” once a month. It is on a Saturday morning and only for an hour in the very non-intimidating environment. It is attended by a small group of other new members and at least some of the committee. These coffee mornings are wonderful ice-breakers. You will meet other people feeling equally apprehensive and, together, gain support and confidence. If you can follow the coffee morning by coming to the pub the same evening, you will already see some familiar faces. Together you will feel more able to go on to meet the rest of the members who happen to be at the pub that night.


As you may have noticed, we have a forum on our website where members can leave messages for each other any time they wish. All the programmes, newsletters, updated information and club business is posted there. A click of the mouse brings the whole club into your office or home. We have on-line quizzes, lists of recommended tradesmen, photos of members enjoying events, discussion topics, you name it, and it’s there! If you are stuck at home feeling at a loose end, what better way to stay in touch with all the other members and club activities? This forum is exclusive to club members and cannot be viewed or accessed by non-members.